Food Drive

Baby Items:

Enfamil yellow 0-12 months-ready to feed

Enfamil yellow 0-12 months-concentrate

Enfamil orange 6-12 month-concentrate

Enfamil purple-Gentleness-ready to feed

Good Start purple-ready to feed

Good start-formula powder

Similac Blue-Ready to feed

Baby food-puree pouches

Baby food-cereal

Pediasure-Vanilla 4 per pack


Pampers size 5

Pampers size 6

Pampers Potty Training underwear 2T-3T

Pampers Potty Training underwear 4T-3T

Pampers Potty Training underwear 4T-5T

Pampers Potty Training underwear 6T-5T


Healthy Snacks:

Fruitsation apple sauce cups

Sunmaid-Raisins 30g each

Trail mix snack bags

Granola bars-Nature valley


Pantry Staple:

Vegetable oil 1-3 L size

Table salt


Sugar, white


Rice-White or Long Grain

Soup crackers

Tea-Red Rose

Mapleleaf-Flakes of chicken 156 g Can

Canned Ham


Cleaning & Hygiene Items:

Dish soap 600 ml



Body wash

Can opener

squeeze bottle (food service use for oil/ condiments)