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Tender Living Farm

Seeds for Tender Living

Seeds for Tender Living

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A very sweet little offering from the Tender Living Garden. A teaspoon of seed, with good germination, to add beauty and magic to your space, both in and out of the garden. All easy to sow and easy to save their seeds in the fall!

This wildfire flower trio includes 

A stunning Wildfire Sunflower Mix - Reds, oranges, and yellows that grow from 3ft-7ft tall. beautiful for bouquets.

A magical Wildfire Signet Marigold mix - light and dark orange tiny little marigolds that smell divine, feed the bees, and lovely for tiny garlands in the fall.

The perfect Wildfire Calendula Mix- An Orange, yellow, red, and peach mix of blooms. Beautiful, vibrant, medicinal and edible! Lovely for bouquets, and potions.


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